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Urgent Statement of Solidarity for Iran 

International Action Is Urgently Needed to Stop Further State Violence Against the Iranian People

6 December 2022

Led by women, Iranians from all walks of life have demonstrated determination in standing against state brutality in the past eighty days since the killing of 22-year-old woman, Zhina Mahsa Amini, at the hands of the Islamic state in Iran. What began as a protest against mandatory hejab and decades of systemic human rights violations has now turned into the “Woman, Life, Liberty” movement, demanding the end of the theocratic rule by an unelected clerical system in Iran.

We, artists, writers, academics, and cultural practitioners from across disciplines and various countries, support the call of our Iranian colleagues to stand in solidarity with their struggle against the repressive and despotic Islamic state in Iran. We, the undersigned, unreservedly acknowledge and support the courage of all the women, men, and children of Iran in their fight for fundamental human rights and their clearly expressed desire to renew the nation’s social contract.

We air our grave concern not only for our colleagues and students in the arts and cultural spheres who have stated their demands in several actions and open letters, including a recent statement signed by nearly 6000 Iranian artists and scholars, but for citizens from all over the country who face an increasingly brutal, violent, and deadly state crackdown, with kidnappings, disappearances, imprisonments, and multiple forms of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, torture, and open threats of mass executions.

We recognise that the recent terror is not an isolated event. Over the last 44 years, the Islamic state’s machinery has resorted to all manner of social and cultural injustice, including the oppression of ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities, as well as legally sanctioned misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia. Since its inception, the theocratic system of law in Iran, controlled by the Supreme Leader and backed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and its network of oligarchs, has conducted the extermination of those who stand against it. Those acts must be recognised as crimes against humanity; their perpetrators must face the international courts of law.

Calling the International Community of Artists, Writers and Academics to Action

In unison and to support our Iranian colleagues; we, artists, writers, academics, and cultural practitioners from across the world, pledge to do our utmost to:

– boycott governmental institutions of the Islamic state of Iran and their covert affiliates, and prevent them from having any presence in international arenas of arts, culture, and education;

– stand against the regime apologists who misappropriate anti-imperialist discourses in the west or other parts of the world to deflect attention away from the well-documented state violence committed against the people;

– support our counterparts and collaborators who stand against the atrocities and abuses of human rights in Iran, using our intellectual and cultural leverage and capabilities;

– create networks of support for dissidents and those who are being targeted, face intimidation, or risk harm at the hands of the regime;

– raise awareness concerning the crimes against humanity committed by the Islamic regime in Iran.

In solidarity,

Thank you for your support! The list of signatories will be updated after 48 hours.

Note: This is in support of the Iranian artists, writers, and scholars across the globe, so it is not meant to be signed by them.

To read the statement in other languages please visit this page.


Cindy Sherman, Artist

Marina Abramović, Artist

Hélène Cixous, Writer, Playwright and literary critic

Kiki Smith, Artist

Shuddhabrata Sengupta, Artist, Raqs Media Collective

Orhan Pamuk, Writer

Judith Butler, Professor

Barbara Kruger, Artist

Arthur Jafa, Artist

Kara Walker, Artist

Homi Bhabha, Professor

Amy Sillman, Artist

Isabella Rossellini, Actress / Farmer

Hans Haacke, Artist

Lynn Hershman Leeson, Artist

Yanis Varoufakis, Author, economist, parliamentarian

Janaane al-Ani, Artist

Jihan El-Tahri, artist, filmmaker

Tanvir Hassan, Architect

Matthew Barney, artist

Roselee Goldberg, Art historian, professor

Huma Bhabha, Artist

Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic; New York Magazine

Boris Groys, Professor, philosopher

Willem Dafoe, Performer

Adam D. Weinberg, Museum Director

Pooja Sood, Curator

Mel Chin, Artist

Roger Waters, Musician

Brian Eno, Musician, Artist

David Joselit, Professor

Jim Hodges, Artist

Robert Storr, artist, writer, curator

Odile Burluraux, curator at the Museum of Modern Art, Paris

Jeff Kaufman, Documentary Filmmaker

Joel Stillerman, Professor

Ed Schad, Curator

Robert Del Naja, Musician/artist

David Ross, Writer, curator, and teacher

Eyal Weizman, Architect

Louise Lawler, Artist

Anne Pasternak, Museum Director

Michel Dewilde, curator and art historian

André Lepecki, Professor, curator, writer

Nari Ward, Artist

Chitra Ganesh, Artist and associate professor

Gail Levin, Writer, art historian

Mira Schor, Artist

John Tagg, Writer and professor

Margaret Schedel, Musician

Alexander Alberro, Professor

Richard Schechner, Editor TDR. University Professor Emeritus New York University

Phong Bui, Publisher

Quint Buchholz, Artist

Caroline Fourest, writer, film director, journalist

Sheena Wagstaff, Curator, the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Director, SAVVY Contemporary

Sir Isaac Julien, Artist/ filmmaker

Goshka Macuga, artist

Cecile Malaspina, author, academic

Jean-Rene Lemoine, playwright

Francois Testory, performer

Nour Aslam, Executive Director, Art South Asia Project

Simon Moretti, Artist

Tauba Auerbach, Artist

Robert C. Morgan, Writer, Artist, Lecturer

Glenn Lowry, Scholar

Paul Heber-Percy, Artist

Martin Puchner, Writer; Professor

John Shorb, Artist

Grayson Cox, Artist

Mark Yakich, Professor

Till Schauder, Filmmaker

Heidi Howard, Artist

Esteban Cabeza de Baca, Artist

Isabel Soffer, Music producer

Ergun Aydinoglu, writer

kumru toktamis, college professor

John Demmery Green, Writer

Dan Kolodziej, Product Manager

Simon Tucker, Writer

gulseren adakli, academician


Deborah Sazer, Ecologist

stef van bellingen, Curator visual arts

Andy Kirkham, Blues Singer/Guitarist

Amy Helbren, teacher

Andrew Wheeler, Effects animation artist

Ronee Hui, Artist

Seamus Kealy, Director Salzburger Kunstverein

vincent sator, gallerist

Ako Salemi, Photographer & Film maker

Atena Eshtiaghi, Musician

Rose V, Filmmaker

lainey racah, artist

Andre Keichian, Artist/ Educator

Caleb Mayer, Caregiver

Lung Chieh Lim,

M Tedesco, Artist/curator

Natalie Reeves, Marketing

Asher Sinaiko, Cook and filmmaker

Patrick Gray, Artist

Larry Armstrong,

Hande Sever, Artist and Writer

Claudia Rodriguez,

Andrea Duran,

Eli Efte, Attorney

Jeanne Desrochers,

Sierra Musgrove, Artist

Nicolette Mason, Consultant

Leora Neman, Designer

Helena Chavez Mac Gregor, Researcher

Craig Campbell, professor

Thomas Erben, Owner and Director, Thomas Erben Gallery

Chris Shillock Chris Shillock, Chris Shillock. poet

Nichole Borgo, Artist

Julien Devaux, Film director – visual artist

Perwana Nazif, writer

Gosia Herc, artist/lecturer

Cameron Orland, Fashion Merchandise Assistant

Patille Papa, Artist

robert kluijver, writer & academic researcher

Onyeka Igwe, artist/lecturer

Siegrun Salmanian,

Nicolas Klotz, Film maker

Elisabeth Perceval, Film maker

Helga Fassonaki, Artist

Teleica Kirkland, Lecturer

Elisa Bertuzzo, Writer, lecturer and researcher, Berlin / DE

Caryn Franklin, Writer

Tina Müller, writer

Mansoor Moaddel, Professor of Sociology

María do Mar Castro Varela, Professor

Antonio Maria, Artist and writer

Lisa Fischman, Curator, museum director

Nollaig Molloy, Artist

Laoise McGirr, Student Nurse

sai tripathi, artist

Dan Taulapapa McMullin, Artist

Joel Lavoie, Artist

Erika Barrios, artist

AlanJames Burns, Visual Artist

Hannah Waiters, Artist, writer educator

Alexandra Buschman, Artist

Sean McLeary, Bookmonger/Writer

Macon Reed, Artist and teacher

Emeka Alams, Artist

Kim Nucci, Art Handler

Davina Hawthorne, Lecturer

Trenea Brocker,

Elissa Rodriguez, Educator

Ed Bokhour, Musician

Jim Browne, Film distributor

Megan Yuan, Art gallerist

William Carroll, artist

Jimin Baek, Artist

Megan Mack, Education Coordinator/Photographer

Maraya Lopez, Artist

Giulio Amerio, Student

Isabelle BARBERIS, Associates professsor

Lise Traino, Galeriste

Léa Manoussakis, Student

Agnès Thurnauer, Artist

Axelle Collet, Étudiante

Floria Pezechki,

Bruno Boulzaguet, Artist

Clara Domingues, Traductrice littéraire

Eric de Chassey, Director, Institut national d’histoire de l’art

Louise Fiorio, Étudiante en histoire de l’art

Liz Kleine, Academic

Alix Mielle, Student

Melissa Panjehpour, Peintre

Helena Anrather, Gallerist

Abigail Disney, filmmaker

Amber Lawrence,

Eugénie Blondin, Student

Mark Becker, filmmaker

Sereke Welat, Self-employed

blaine tabitha,

Marlena Marallo, Artist

Regine Basha, Curator

Kevin Gaffney, Artist

Ingo Schulze, writer

Georgia Makhlouf, Journalist and writer

Florence CADIER, writer

Fatoumata KANE, WRITER

Kavi Ladnier, Actor, Producer

Peter Stamm, writer

Claudine Monteil, Writer

Danielle Michel -Chich, Journaliste / écrivaine

Sophie Bessis, auteure

Sylvie Braibant, écrivaine

Alicia DUJOVNE ORTIZ, writer

Wafa Ghorbel, Writer and artist

Veronique Tadjo, Ecrivaine

Luk Van Meervenne, Art lover

Denise Desautels, écrivaine

Zadoc Nava, filmmaker

Gaël Octavia, Writer

Mary Harvey, PhD psychilogist

Carole Fréchette, autrice dramatique

Sandra Skurvida, curator/professor

Oliver Curtis, Cinematographer

Ananda Devi, writer

Viktor Lazlo, Writer

Mary Batni,

Nadine Faraj, Artist

Louise Lambrichs, écrivain

Zouari Fawzia, Ecrivaine. Présidente du Parlement des écrivaines francophones

Laurence DIONIGI, Journaliste

Dionigi Laurence, Autrice

Amande Art, Artist

Walter Crump, Artist

Mariem Garali, Artist

Khadi HANE, Writer

jayne baum, art dealer

Barbara Honigmann, Writer

Pineau Gisèle, Writer

Reinhard Andress, Lecturer

Irmgard E. Hunt, professor

Christine Sciulli, Artist

Leïla Tauil, Enseignante à l’Université de Genève

Justice Arman, Writer and Game Designer

Gina Belafonte, Artivist

Claudia Peña, Artist

Gino Leineweber, Poet

Helga Druxes, Professor, and Secretary, PEN Center for German-Language

Gabrielle Alioth, writer

Doron Rabinovici, Author

Chochana Boukhobza, Romancière

Heather Bhandari, Culture Worker/Lecturer

Irene Bourquin, Writer / publisher

Sapho Sapho, writer singer and song writer

Volkmar Mühleis, Writer

Laurence Gavron, réalisatrice, écrivaine

Utz Rachowski, writer

Cécile Oumhani, writer

Jan Koneffke, Writer

Simon Cau, Art Entrepreneur

Jan Röhnert, Poet

Nicoletta Torcelli, editor

Sabine Rollberg, Lecturer

Nikola Novak,

Fausta Carli, Lecturer

Katharina Arning, Marketing

Michael Prof. Dr. Klant, art teacher

Karolin Stächele, choreographer

Pouné Saberi, Physician

Theresia Walser, Playwright

Judith Rosmair, Performing Artist

Judith Fehrenbacher, Journalist

Julie Jaffrennou, Artist

Erika Baermann-Wirth,

Elisabeth Krimmer,

Helma Haselberger,

Jenny Warnecke, Kulturaktivistin

Eva Ulrike Pirker, lecturer

Nik Caswell,

Karin Schickinger, Writer

JOAQUIN JUTT, Digital Artist

Brenda Steinberg, artist

Diane Régimbald, Écrivaine /Writer

Margit Wierer, theatre artist

Aline Jalliet, singer

Saskia Derksen, artist

Achim Vogel Muranyi,

Laura Costanzo, Teacher

Marcia Ross, Film Producer

Dora Carpenter-Latiri, Writer Academic

Elisabeth Frey, volunteer

Franziska Walser, Actress

Irene Schumacher, Medienpädagogin

Heinzl Sapgl, Actor

Caito Stewart Caito Stewart, Caito Stewart

Tatiana Garcia, Producer

Sedef Ecer, writer

Ralf Peters, artist

aline vidal, Galerist

Antoine de galbert, Art foundation

Zette Cazalas, Architecte-museographe

Camille de Galbert, Artist

Stanislas Cozon,

Van der noot d’Assche Brigitte, Decorateur

Olivier Schmitt, Artistic Advisor

Robert Gerlich, University professor (retired)

Cathy Schneider, Professor


Ida Poettinger, Writer

Miriam Cohen, Professor Emerita of History Vassar College

Ergun Aydinoglu, Writer

kumru toktamis, college professor

Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat, Professor

Serdar Arat, Artist, Prof. Emeritus of Art

Sevilay Çelenk, writer/lecturer

Devrim Umut Aslan, Lecturer, Lund University, Sweden

Amy Blackwell,

Elke Zuern, Lecturer

Elizabeth Sanders, Professor of Government emeritus

Yavuz Yasar, Academic

Gaye Onurer, Academic

Güven Güzeldere, Philosopher

Nuray Ada, Ceramic Artist

Ormand Cent, Lecturer

Dilsa Deniz, Academic

Gencay Gürsoy, Professor emeritus

Elif Balin, Academic

Julianne Hughes, Teaching Artist

Özcan Yurdalan, Writer

Zeynep Günsür, Artist

Necmiye Alpay, Writer, linguist

Yeter Tabak, Aktivist

barış ışık, Art Director – Aktör

Savaş Işık, Actor

Cenk Güray, Musician/Lecturer

Lalezar Nergiz, Avukat y

Ahmet Haluk Unal, Film maker

Kêko Ûrmiye, Actors

Hacer Ansal, Academic

eurudike de beul, performer

Chris Wuytack, Artist

Pınar Ensari, academic

Fatmagül Berktay, Professor of political science and women’s studies

Breval Jade, Danser

Ferda Erder, Advertising

Yakın Ertürk, Academician

Heaven Jackaly, Writer

Zeynep Tül Akbal Süalp, Academic

Esra Akcan, Professor

Sevgi Uçan Çubukçu, Academician

Sonya Gropman, Artist

Filipa Roque, Artist

Ali Ekrem Budak, İşçi

Cezary Kielar, Artist

Hanife Ors, Theaters

Nil Mutluer, Academic

Ari Marcopoulos, Artist

Nikolas Gambaroff, Artist

Doris Bittar, Artist/Writer/Activist

Anita Beckers, Gallerist

Antje Stehn, artist

Reinhild Dettmer-Finke, Filmmaker

Karin Sachs, Gallerist

Doerrie Doris, Writer/director

Maria Köpf, Managing Director German Film Academy

Alexandra Karentzos, Art historian and Professor of Fashion and Aesthetic

John Owens, Poet/ process assistant

Valeska Grisebach, director

Anne-Sophie Balzer, scholar

Marica Bodrožić, Writer

Liane pircher,

Lars Schimmelpfennig, singer

Andrea Karimé, Writer

Linda Luna Schumacher, Actress, Model, Fine Artist

Pomona Zipser, artist

Claudia Müller, Director

Gabriele Hasler, Musician

Hermann Pfuetze, Professor of Sociology

Stephanie Gessner, Author

Nasan Tur, Artist, Professor

Marco Kreuzpaintner, Film Director

Susanne Gonschior, Academic

Monika Lei, Research editor

Susanne Kuhlendahl, Illustrator

Dietrich Bräuer, Förster

Liese Lyon, Actor

Diana Brunner, Designer

Verena Güntner, writer

Meral Camcı, Researcher

Katja Bode-Mylonas, Writer

Andrea Heindl, Office worker

Petra Zieser, actor

Golo Euler, Artist

Shannon Bool, Artist

Charlotte Goltermann, Publisher

Sarah Schoderer, Artist

Raffaela Salis, Arts manager

Stephanie Engel, artist

Saskia Fischer, Academic

Lena Rumler, Journalist

Marion Berghahn, Publisher

Andrea Schmidt,

Mona Walch, Cultural Manager

Thiemo Strutzenberger, artist

Anne Berning, artist and lecturer

Anna Lazarescu, Writer/Scriptwriter

Marion Zimmermann, Painter

Silvie Jansen-Siebcke, Songwriter

Miriam Düssel, Producer

Dr Johannes Uphus, Editor-in-chief

Janina Lambrich,

Rose-Marie Couture, Consultant

Noemi Frenkel, Actress

Anette Breu, Artist

Shireen Liane, Artist

Mathew Saeb, Retired

Sophie Chahinian, filmmaker

Angelika Janssen, Writer

Lynne Tillman, Writer

yvonne wilhelm, artist

Karen Werner, artist

Fatma Muge Gocek, Professor, University of Michigan

Kate Castle, PhD candidate

Pamela Smock, Professor

Ana Correa, Writer and activist – Argentina

Jasmine Rivera,

Luis Ruben Gonzalez Marquez, Graduate Student

Anohni Hegarty, Artist/Musician

Israel Gallegos, sound artist

Marilyn Minter, artist

Roi Livne, Professor

Christian Böß, official

Susan Pearce, Professor

Elke Sewöster, Writer

Silvi Feist, journalist

Gozde Kosemen, Designer

Cornelia Benesch, Netweaver

Sandra Geigengack,

Christian Fröhlich,

Julia Flöter, Journalist

Siba Shakib, Writer, director, political activist

Hussam Failli,


Noam Chomsky, Professor

Aslak Høyersten, Managing director

Melanie Raabe, Author

Gülser Kayır, Academic

Martin Walde, artist

Karin Labhart, Editor

Maike Hagen,

Frank Barat, Author

Judith Samen, Artist

Claudia Loewe, Producer

Michael Lambertz, artist

Beatrice Babin, Professor

Britta Baumann, Organizer

Levent Kunt, Artist

Anne Leppin, producer

Alia shawkat, artist

Stefanie Grabner, Artist

karinsachs karinsachs, karinsachs

Harriet Walter, Actor/author

Miranda Richardson, Actor

Marc Almond, Singer, Musician

Sabine Groß, artist

Ramona Kettenstock, Consultant

Yanis Varoufakis, Writer, Lecturer

Simona Barbera, artist

Christian Heck, writer

Petra Spielmann, Art Historian and Museum Manager

Sandra Brandl, Artist

necati sonmez, documentary filmmaker

lucy sexton, theater director

Kuai Shen, Artist

laurie simmons, artist

Gitte Sætre, Artist

Margaret Somers, Professor

Gereon Krebber, Artist

Rutherford, Academic and Photographic artist

Wojciech Gilewicz, Artist

Lana Bobić,  Theologist

Johanna Kandl, Artist

Kris Van Heuckelom, Author and professor at KULeuven

Anneleen  Masschelein, Author and professor at KULeuven

Prof.dr. Nadia Lie,  KULeuven

Ankica Čakardić,  Professor

Salvatore Viviano, Visual artist and curator

Katherina Olschbaur, Artist

Cornelius Obonya, Actor

Hans  Schabus, Artist

Titania  Seidl, Artist

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati,

Ali  Cherri, Artist

Nabeeha Mohamed, Artist

Tiffany Schouw, Artist

Laura Herman, Curator

Iztok Sitar, Comic author

Nazeeha  Saeed, Journalist

Julia S. Goodman, Artist

Dubravko  Mataković, Comic author

Marko Dješka, Comic author and film director

Draško Ivezić, Producer, Film director

Marina Orsag, Comedian

Krešimir Zimonić, Comic author

Mihaela Erceg, Comic author and writer

Irena Jukić Pranjić, Comic author

Mario Romoda, Painter

Jelena Oroz, Animation director

Tihomir Matijević, Sculptor

Lynn  Kodeih, Artist

Martina Meštrović, Animation director

Marko Meštrović, Animation director

Matija Pisačić,  Comic artist, Animation director

Nicene  Kossentini,  Artist

Stjepan  Šandrk,  Painter

Martina  Grlić,  Painter

Želim Periš, Writer

Hannah Rosa Oellinger,  Stage and Costume designer

Franz Braun,  Visual artist and Political activist

Peter Fritzenwallner,  Visual artist

Caroline Heider,  Visual artist

Stefan Wirnsperger,  Visual artist

Sophia Mairer,  Artist

Julia Haugeneder, Visual artist

Stefan Wykydal, Visual artist

Sarah Bechter, Artist

Florian Nitsch, Artist

Markus Proschek, Artist

Ines Hochgerner, Artist

Matthias Ramsey, Artist

Stefanie Pitsch, Musician and Jurist

Cornelia Lein, Project Manager & Curator

Katharina Karner, Artist and art mediator

Nimcole Prutsch, Visual artist

Gabriele Edlbauer, Artist

Marie-Claire Blais, Artist

Olja Savičević Ivančević, Writer

Ivana Perić, Journalist

Larisa Petrić, Mag. comparative literature and Romance studies

Martina Horvat, Social educator/social pedagogue

Igor Kordej, Comic author

Jana Adamović, Comic author

Chintis Lundgren, Animation director

Sébastian Sperer, Annecy films and programme planning manager

Dragana Radanović, Comic author and assistant professor

Jelena Djorjević, Comic author

Jana  Adamović Kordej, Comic author and illustrator

Ivana Filipović, Architect and Artist

Sonja  Varga, Illustrator and Visual artist

Ana Milojković, Art Historian

Ana Kutleša, Curatorial collective BLOK

Dunja  Kučinac, Curatorial collective BLOK

Vesna  Vuković, Curatorial collective BLOK

Anna Stoppa, Curator

Selma  Banich, Artist and Activist

Marinella  Matejčić, Feminist

Emma  Persson Lagerberg, Designer/writer/editor

Bengt  Lagerberg, Musician

Petra Bindel, Photographer

Emily  Thornton, Artist

Nina  Persson, Musician

Matilda Plojel, Publisher/senior lecture Linnaeus University

Karolina Brobeck, Ceramicist

Els-Marie  Enbuske, Fashion designer

Mary-Anne Buyondo, Tailor and Custome designer

Lars-Olof Johansson Stale, Musician

Synneve Goode, Designer

Magnus Sveningsson, Musician

Oskar Humlebo, Musician

Iva Davorija, City councullor – Možemo platform, Rijeka

Željka Jelavić, Ethnologist

Shakil Solanki, Artist

Meghan Ho-Tong, Architect and Artist

Sanja  Sarnavka, Activist

Ivana Volda, Animation director

Thomas Volda, Animation director

Barbara Perasović, Master of psychology

Ivana Habuš Kraljević, Magister of sociology

Jeanne Gaigher, Artist

Natasha Ginwala, Curator and Writer

Ivana Marinić Kragić, Film director

Marieke Merts, Content Manager at MyTheresa

Zoë Gill, Human genomics researcher

Piotr Kardas, AnimaDoc Film Festival director

Pia Nikolić, Comic historian and Theorist

Max Freund, Artist

Arzu Ermen, Artist

Margarita Jonietz, 

Eric Selbin, Professor

Jeff Goodwin, professor

Mechthild Bäppler, 

Sara Richter, Artist

Irene Hoefer, Producer for film and media

Lia Gangitano, Curator

Roger Waters, musician

Stephen Scanlan, Professor of Sociology

Anna-Kathrin Warner, writer

Sabrina Fox, writer, lecturer, artist

Daniel Freire, Actor

Duba Sambolec, Artist & Prof. of Vizual Art

Camille Lenain, Artist

Pola Beck, film director

Chelle Jones, Graduate student

cindy sherman, artist

Maya Glenn, Researcher

Jack Hanley, Art Gallerist

Paula Garcia, Artist

Monika Žagar, author, academic

Maria Sprowls, Photographer

Nicole Tastet, 

Jeannette Altherr, Designer

Dilek Huseyinzadegan, Professor

Jacqueline Klempay, Gallerist

Carmen Alcalá, Designer

Thomas Wörz, Psychoanalyst

janine böckelmann, visual artist

Annemarie Reißmann, Family doctor

Petra Rahm, Artist

Colin Robinson, 

Dorna Aslanzadeh, Artist

Michelle Rabaut, PhD Student

Markus Wild, Photographer

Karola Gramann, curator

Sam Hobson, Academic

Rosalie Smith, Artist

Daniela Leal, Artist

Yashira Lopez, Artist

Anne Eastman, artist

Billy Zhao, Writer

manon BELLET, artist

Charulata Prasada, Artist

Charulata Prasada, Artist

Cynthia Scott, Artist

Augustus Hoffman, Artist

Mariah Dekkenga, Artist

Ania Mauruschat, academic, writer, lecturer

Britta Schmitz, Curator

Barbara Englert, 

Heidi Spanl, Psychoanalyst

Jo Bonney, Theater artist

Hans Rath, Painter

Christiane Bakhit, Psychotherapist

Damir Sagolj, Photographer

Simone Schiele, Psychotherapist

Thomas Dreher, art historian

Kevin Perrin, Visual artist and design educator

Ruth Owens, artist

David Schoem, academic

Birgit Heidtke, Historian

Jane Rose, Artist Manager

Davide Balliano, Artist

Jose Vargas, educator

Andrew Rafacz, arts professional

Robert Storr, artist, writer, curator

Kathy Battista, writer and curator

Ilhan Kucukaydin, Educator

André Lepecki, Professor, curator, writer

David Joselit, Professor

annet dekker, curator/researcher

Armando Lulaj, Artist, Filmmaker

Dr. Jonida Gashi, Academic

Ece Temelkuran, Writer

Raino Isto, Art historian

Alexis Rockman, Artist

Barbi Schmid-Kiefer, midwife

Hans Kiefer, Professor

marie sumalla, journalist, 

Alexis Almeida, writer

Lita Albuquerque, Artist

Carolina Ebeid, Writer

Laura Elrick, Professor, Writer

Rebecca van Laer, Writer

Mollie Hosmer-Dillard, artist

Holly Melgard, Poet and adjunct professor of writing

Mona Eltahawy, Writer

HR Hegnauer, Writer

Zeena Yasmine Fuleihan, Doctoral student

petra schneider, inclusion activist

Nataša Prljević, artist

Robert Fitterman, writer

Anna Moschovakis, writer, translator

nate rose, writer, singer, poet

beth loffreda, writer/teacher

Adam Fagin, Writer

Elena Rivera, Writer

Trinidad Carrillo, Artist

Yanara Friedland, writer

Selah Saterstrom, Writer, Professor

Dan Alexander, Designer

Katrine Øgaard Jensen, writer

Claude Champion, Graphic designer

Carla Harryman, poet and professor of English

Michelle Puckett, writer

Tonio Schneider, actor

gail scott, writer

Brandon Shimoda, writer

Serena Chopra, writer, artist, professor

Christopher Merrill, Writer

Sara Jaffe, writer, professor

Alisa Weinstein, program coordinator

Zoe Tuck, Writer

Emily Skillings, Writer

Teresa Carmody, Writer

Kutluğ Ataman, Artist

Vincent W.J, van Gerven Oei, Publisher

Richard Lethem, artist

Halil Yenigun, lecturer

Meghan Harder, Artist

Sean Zhuraw, Writer

Juan Lagos, Engineer

Samantha Bounkeua, Violinist, Composer, Music Producer

Nicholas Gulig, Poet

Jonathan Lethem, writer

Samuel Ace, Writer

Jade Hickey, Writer

Kendra Thompson, Writer, Arts Administrator

Sara Lännerström, Artist

Mia You, Writer, lecturer

Marleen Stempel, 

Aneil Karia, Filmmaker

Necmi Sönmez, Independent Curator

Hanne Kuppel, 

Johanna Sarah, Artist

Caroline von Schade, writer

John Grumley, Honorary Associate Professor

Binnaz Toprak, Retired Professor

Laura Splan, Artist

cordula Kropke, Photographer

Joanna Howard, Writer

Maria Macuch, scholar

Chrysanne Stathacos, Artist

Anne Senstad, artist

Muriel Rodolosse, artiste

Flavia Bellavia, Artista

Sarah Walko, Artist

Martine Delvaux, Writer and professor

Liz Powers Marks, Artist

Lina Todd, Casting Director

daniel blaufuks, artist

Yasmina Ameri, Photographer

Nessia Pope, Curator

Roosmarijn Pallandt, Artist

Shelly Bahl, Artist/Curator/Educator

Pichak Sherkat, Designer

David Fretter, Writer

Mark Tribe, Artist

Annabelle Sreberny, Academic

Eva Kuen, Actress, songwriter, director

Yvonne Yung Hee Bormann, actress

Donald Burke, Professor

Silvia Franceschi, Art law expert, curator

Halsey Rodman, Artist/Educator

Aliya Choudhery, Artist

Sidney Luckett, Photographer

Annette Bormann-W√ºrjes, 

Janet Loren Hill, Artist, Professor

Lou Florez, Writer

Nisha Platzer, Filmmaker

Keith Bresnahan, University professor

Simran Duggal, Designer

Joy Amina Garnett, Artist and writer

Kat Savino, writer

Kevin Beasley, Artist

Samantha Hunt, writer

Valery de Buchet, Journalist

Colin Campbell, Lecturer

Luise Steinert, 

Lola Kramer, Curator and Writer

Asu Aksoy, Academic

Kevin Robins, Professor

Patricia Mwenda, Designer

Dao Strom, Writer/Musician

Mike Palamarek, Sessional Assistant Professor, Glendon College, York University

Candide U, 

Nadia Kurd, Curator

Rebecca Yeager, Filmmaker

Susan Bee, Artist

Sunny Shokrae, Photographer

Keiko Narahashi, artist

Robert Longo, Artist

Nicole Quebedeaux, Barista

Beatrice Benedetti, Curator

K MacNeil, Artist

Jennifer Calkins, Writer, biologist, attorney

Anthony Fleury, Artist

Jodi Gallagher, Playwright/writer

andrea crawford, teacher

Emery Foster, Artist

Lorraine Adams, Writer

Regan Adcock, artist

Richard Price, Writer

Dan Arenzon, artist

Nathan Johnson, Artist

Anne Gilman, Artist

Sasha Graybosch, writer, educator

Lindsay Brents, Writer

Rikki Reich, Photographer

mary bib, student

sally boon matthews, Artist

Dina Fiasconaro, Filmmaker

Bri Jenkins, Writer, Poet

Dominique Hurth, artist

Julie Mehretu, artist

Alberto Cantera, Professor

Riikka Haapalainen, Art historian, professor

Hulya Arik, Assistant Professor

Chi-Leung LEE, Writer

Christina Maile, Artist and writer

Natalia Schmidt, Artist

Raika Khorshidian, Art historian

Philip Kreyenbroek, Professor

Jeremy Vanheusden, Writer

Danijela Bočev, Writer

Stefanie Inhelder, Choreographer

Alessandra Carosi, Artist

Monica Majoli, Artist/Professor

Ellen Rogers, Senior lecturer

Diana Khoi Nguyen, Writer, Professor

Zoe D, Artist

Sanna Saastamoinen-Barrois, Artist

Stella Ricci, Teacher

Shayma Aziz, Artist

Melissa Amezcua Yepiz, Academic

Bennett Bennett, Writer/Creative Director

Daniel Borzutzky, Writer

Anna Benjamin, Artist

Maja Hammaren, Artist, lecturer

Nina Backman, Artist and Founder of the Silence Project

Thomas Ayouti, 

Cedar Thomas, Artist

Francesca Renzi, Teacher

Sabrina Dalla Valle, writer

Alfredo Jaar, Artist

Tamara Grcic, artist

Sabine von Mering, University professor

Stefanie Platen, Kamerafrau, Editorin, Filmemacherin

Alison Ross, philosopher

Philippe Fertray, Actor

Cheryl Schainfeld, Artist

Naama Freeman, Curator

Lea Sebastianis, Filmmaker

Annie Johnson, Artist

Melissa Boucher, Artist

Patrick Sommier, Director

Gina Dent, Professor

Alcide Lebreton, Attaché au protocole

Peter Lütje, Artist

Trinity Goderstad, Writer

Patrick Cottrell, writer

Natalie Fenton, Professor

Ayelet Waldman, Writer

Celina Su, Writer and professor

John Downing, Professor emeritus

Magali Imbert, Musician

Trotzky Natacha, Bibliothécaire

Boglárka Börcsök, Choreographer

Melan Salimi, Sociologist

Rahne Alexander Rahne Alexander, artist

Kalina Nedelcheva, Artist

Matteo Campulla, Artist

Caterina Stamou, Curator, researcher

Wagner Schwartz, artist

Sawako Nakayasu, Writer

Gabriela Schwartz de Araujo, Student

Claire Donato, writer

Monica Kim, 

Daniele Moretti, teacher

Caroline To, Writer

Meghan Walsh, Lighting Designer

Milena Radewagen, 

Corinne Hellein, Designer

Lydia Debnar, Musician

Omar Berrada, Writer

kari wang, artist

Stephen Gill, Artist

Louis Simone, retired

Ruth Franklin, writer

Sara Santos, Designer

Laura Sanders, Artist

Julien Devaux, Film director, artist

Emma Baxter, Writer

Sarah Boyer, writer and teacher

Alice Melike Ülgezer, Author

martin schwartz, academic professor

Sheree Hovsepian, Artist

Courtney Baker, Associate Professor of English

Kelsi James, Theatre Artist

Maja Kardum, Photojournalist

Amy Jacobs, Artist

Penny Ghanat, 

Rashid Johnson, Artist

María Baez, Dance artist

Katherine Kinney, Professor

Aïda Vosoughi, Artist

Dan Wood, Printer

paparouna stavropoulos, writer, translator, educator

Paul Redding, Academic

Jennifer Firestone, Poet and Academic

MIkhayla Harrell, Artist

Frances Gatz, 

Sheila Zago, Art Curator

Vidhu Aggarwal, writer

Larissa Belcic, Artist

Marijan Vešligaj, 

Emma Fick, Artist

Shelley Marlow, writer

Jaana Havia, enseignante

Jasmin Shokrian, Artist

Darren Ghirxi, 

Muni Nej, Architect

Mali Admz, Artist

Luitpold Rampeltshammer, Researcher

Marija Lopac, Artist

Alex J. Cope, Writer & high school teacher

Sandra Baric, Architect

Khoobun Roboobi, Artist

Domagoj Ćoso, Artist

Michael Kishon, Actor

Monika Leisch-Kiesl, scientist, lecturer

Gargi Raina, Artist

Kate Weir, Academic

Alexandra Warwick, Lecturer

Ailsa Peate, Lecturer

Maria Mathilde Linecker, Philosophy and Art Science Student

Saskia Huc-Hepher, Academic

Slavenka Bakovic, Ceramic artist

veronika molnar, curator

Martin Mayer, Writer/Director

Barbel Hofers, Former UN employee & artist

Yalda Adli, Actor

Nicolette Krebitz, Filmmaker

Beáta Szabó, artist

Alessandr diotallevi, Art dealer

Sharon Sinclair, 

Séagh Kehoe, lecturer

Eva Paulitsch, Artist, Curator Kunsthalle Goeppingen

Jonathan ONeil, Artist, Radio

Samantha Caddey, Art Teacher

Marthe Ramm Fortun, Artist

Leigh Wilson, Academic

Lucy Bond, Lecturer

Sissel Marie Tonn, Artist

Sa’adiah Khan, Artist

Sami Khatib, professor

Michael Hardt, professor

Sylvie Aïoun, Artist Singer

Misal Adnan Yıldız, direktor, Staacliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden

Laura Elkins, Artist

Robert Schenk, entrepreneur

Lindsay Bywood, Lecturer

Marko Dješka, comic artist and film director

Martina Meštrović, animator, filmmaker

Julia Ruediger, Art historian

David Cunningham, Professor of Modern Literature

Anne Witchard, Lecturer

Stefanie Baumann, Researcher

Gilberte Tsaï, theater director

Ben Manski, Professor

Robert Williams, Lecturer and musician

Marcella Durand, poet

Elinor Taylor, Academic

Lisa Buehl, Filmmaker

Grace Villamil, Artist

Martha Keith, Travel writer

suzan frecon, artist/painter

Garnier Sylvie, pilot (airplane)

erica kaufman, writer

Viktoria Krčelić, 

Isabel Abedi, Writer

Itay Lotem, Lecturer

Louise Sylvester, Academic

Christopher Kondrich, Writer

Samo Vadnov, Book publisher

Bojan Albahati, Editor, critic, translator

Nejc Bahor, Graphic designer

Matjaž Bertoncelj, Comic author, Slovenia. Sabina Đogić, filmmaker

Ana Lidice Jaramillo Uribe, Graphic artist

Melissa McGill, Artist

Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Lecturer, dean

Bartek Remisko, Curator

Mia Prochnik, teacher

Caroline Crumpacker, poet, arts administration

naakita feldman-kiss, artist

Joanna Hellgren, Illustrator

Giovanni Monti, Consultant

Evelina Kroon, Artist

Ingvild Hovland Kaldal, Artist

Ülkü Guney, Lecturer

Julia Dyck, Artist

Katrin Arefy, 

Hajra Waheed, Artist

Siddhartha Deb, Writer

Kuƒçan Juliana, 

Shizu Saldamando, 

Kelly Besser, Archivist

Sherin Guirguis, Artist

Helga Fassonaki, Artist

Myshell Curry, Graph Designer

Emilie Clark, artist

Nick Weiss, Musician

Muriel Ahmarani Jaouich, Artist

Ryan Toews, Academic

Thea Kegler, Production designer

Ryat Yezbick, artist

Crystal Hartman, Artist

Sara Parkman, 

Wesam Nassar, Artist

Danilo Balaban, Artist

Syrus Marcus Ware, Artist, assistant professor

meldia yesayan, College art program director

dorit cypis, Artist and Mediator

Beth Iska, artist

lana beiruti, writer

Sara Matić, Scientist

Louis André Haugaard Jørgensen, Artist and writer

Paul Zasky, Musician

Daniela Lieja Quinaranar, curator

Annegret Soltau, Artist

Mateja Korbar Šimić, artist

Bethany Elmer, Artist and Arts Administrator

Miranda Knez, 

Vanessa Svensson, 

Sara Acedo, Graphic Designer

Hayk Makhmuryan, art worker

Charlott Malmenholt, Artist

Phil Cordelli, artist, farmer

Natalie Earnhart, Writer

Æsa Björk, visual artist

Valentina Futac, Consultant

Johan Söderström, Artist

Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Artist

Alba D’Urbano, Artist

Sara Andreasson, Illustrator

Ivana Crnoja, 

Cleo Sallis, Doctoral student

Jutta Wille, Cultural manager

Iris Hu, Artist

Lisa Lövström, 

Kathleen Cantarella, Writer

Sinan Antoon, writer

Maddie Chicoine, Artist

Simon Lumsden, Academic

Camille Larivée, curator, artist, art worker

Justine Skahan, Artist

Corina Copp, Writer

Thatiana Cardoso, Visual artist and performer

Liz Fish, photographer, filmmaker

Tatiana Kelly, Producer

Vendela Wong, Artist

Maia Ruth Lee, Artist

Marwa El-Mahmadi, Artist

Rose-Anne Gush, Writer and Lecturer

Jana Hartmann, photographer

Maureen Bryan, Artist/Curator

Sabine Danek, Writer

Joost van Mourik, Generalist

Ingela Johansson, Artist

Emanuele Valariano, Curator

Lotta Wiklund hedin, Ombudsman

Thea Rinderli, Actress

Nat Bloch Gregeraen, Artist

Ruth Erickson, Curator

Cole Swensen, Writer

Malak Niakan, Psychotherapist

Paola Debellis Alvarez, Researcher

Rémy Héritier, Choreographer

Robin Rosenberg, 

Philo Cohen, Artist, curator

Kerstin Huber, student

Megan Lombardo, Educator + Musician

Sara Teleman, Professor of illustration

Annika Haas, Lecturer and Critic

Michael Worful, Artist

Mara Faye Lethem, writer, translator

Margaret Gonzalez-Perez, university professor

Justina Los, Artist

Marina Orsag, Stand up comedienne

David Gruber, Artist

Pat Lee, Artist

Jeff Bale, professor

Terezia Zoric, professor

Emma Björk, Medical Doctor

Brooke Tomiello, 

Sarah Riggs, Wrtiter and artist

Alisha Wessler, Artist

Simon Leung, artist

Jackie Askew, Irish Visual Artist

Katherine Blouin, Professor

Flavia Vasconcellos Amaral, Lecturer

Julia Górecka, Researcher

Youssef Nabil, Artist

Brittany Gwilliam, Academic Administrator

Natalia Schmidt, Artist

Trinh Huynh, Acupuncturist student

Diana Marcela Orejuela Ibarrra, 

Stella Kramer, Photo Editor, Publisher

José Luis Guerin, Filmmaker

Nikkie Herberigs, Art Curator

Noha Abou Khatwa, Lecturer

Eileen Myles, Poet

Domenico Ingenito, Professor of Persian Literature

Paige Sweet, Professor

Stephanie Basile, Union organizer

Ashanti Permatasari, early childhood teacher

Valerie Rose, Artist and asl teacher

Yasmine Nasser Diaz, Artist

una moehrke, artist

Amanda Ross-Ho, Artist, Professor

Erik Frydenborg, artist

Ana Kurtovic, Psychologist

Zalon Thompson, Artist

Ellie Hisama, Professor

Elie Porter Trubert, Artist

Georges terryn, Writer, director.

Kofi Abban, Machinist

Carmen Wolf, architect

V Arbutina, Artist

Angelika Donhärl, Gallerist

Marin Mertens, art dealer

Michael Buhrs, Director, Museum Villa Stuck

Joost Colpaert, Kunstenaar

Tasja Langenbach, Curator

Patricia Rommel, Film Editor

Julie Carr, writer/professor

Doris Prof. Titze, Artist

Vela Arbutina, Artist

Dagmar Aigner, musician

Anne Hundhausen, Artist

Kim Benzel, Museum curator

Jon Santos, Artist

Tanja Mohr, Artist

Michaela Konrad, Artist

Samuel Haitz, Artist

Sally Jankovic, Academic

Ansgar Rettner, Musiker

Angela Wallenstein, Psychotherapist

Ute Parduhn, Galerist

Rost Klaus, artist

Thomas Maher, Assistant professor

Gabriele von Mallinckrodt, artist


caroline wöhrl, lecturer

Gabriela Silvestrin, doctor of medizin

Sher Leigh, Person

Nina Barlow, artist

Michelle Handelman, Artist

Marta Barborik, Pschotherapeutin

Noor Gatih, Artist

Lizzie Hall, artist

Anna Kebbekus, 

Brittany Radel, Director

Constance Neuhann-Lorenz, surgeon

H Lan Thao Lam, artist, filmmaker, educator

Tare Noori, Feminist

Uli Langenscheidt, Teacher

Tim Duff, Researcher

Eugenia Lim, Artist

Nanette Gehrig, 

Caitlin Lienkaemper, 

Jessica Tan, 

Sama Alshaibi, Artist/professor

Michael Hoban, 

Marzena Abrahamik, Artist

Tanika Sarkar, Retired professor of history

Marie Schnell, Coach

Catarina Richthofen, Journalist

Justine Landau, Associate Professor

Rolf Silber, Writer / Director

Deniz KANDIYOTI, Emeritus professor

Salome Hohl, Director / Art Historian

Narinc Ataman, Pharmacologist

Barbara Signer, artist

Orly Lancet joseph, Artist

HEINRICH Schoeneich, sirgeon

Douglas Bowker, 3D Animation

Jyotsna Kapur, Professor

Barbara Zeitelhack, Historian

Eva-Maria Preussen, 

Natasha Staller, Art Historian

gargi Raina, Artist

Angela Stief, director albertina modern, vienna

Sabine Knust, Artdealer

Annabelle Oeynhausen, Cultural institution

Claudia Mahs, Scientist

Andrea Sawatzki, Artist

Christiane Ammer-Wabnitz, CEO Healthcare

Catherine Milkovitch-Rioux, Writer

Earl Silbar, Retired teacher

JOHN ZEPPETELLI, museum director

Elisabeth Masé, Artist and novelist

Bettina Khano, Artist

Sara Stern, artist

Gerstberger Gerhard, Bildender Künstler

Mehmet Yavuz Dedegil, Dr.-Ing.

GJ Breyley, lecturer/research fellow

Ps Mukherjee, Retired professional

Vistasp Hodiwala, Writer

Katharina Mayer, Cultural Manager

Andreas Mitterer, artist

Ursula Wandl, MD

Christian Berkel, Actor/Writer

Tone Olaf Nielsen, Curator

Ellie Pennick, Director and Founder of Guts Gallery

Dorota Podlaska, artist

rui chafes, artist

Rajinder Singh, Writer

Kim Knoppers, curator /writer / lecturer

karinsachs karinsachs, karinsachs

Veynz Nayr, Creative Director

Claire Bishop, Writer

Pearly Gill, Homemaker

Fernanda Fragateiro, visual artist

Pedro Coragem, Musician

Julie Mellby, writer

Elizabeth Willis, writer

Maram Massri, Writer Poete

Katja Seidel, Lecturer

Donna De Salvo, Curator

Maria Helena Cabeçadas, Anthropologist

Gilda Oswaldo Cruz, Musician

Dragana Rankovic, Photographer

Filipe Carmo, writer

Rachel LaCasse, Artist

Chung Leung, Educational research, artist

Jos Agasi, Artist

Lavínia Diniz Freitas, Curator

Kristina Schuldt, painter

Blake Gillespie, Writer

Anthony Huberman, Curator/Director

Marília Litvinu, Artist

Suhee Wooh, Artist

John Broomer, Comedian

Violeta Capovska, Artist


Guy Nattiv, Filmmaker

Jaime Newman, Actress

Anahita Von Plotho, 

Rosa Belda, producer

Laura J. Padgett, Artist

Sara Costa Carvalho, Artist

Alberto Melo, Retired Academic

Jorge Feijão, Artista plástico

Arkamitra Roy, Artist, writer

Preethi Maroli, Brand strategy Consultant

Vika Prokopaviciute, Artist

Rehmat Merchant, Writer

Uli Göppinger, Teacher

Erika Mohacsi, Artist

Dr.agr. Friedrich Mumm von Mallinckrodt, Agricultural economist and retired UN official

Ana Grgic, Professor

Yakub Merchant, Photographer

António Vieira, writer

Caitlin Myer, Writer

Graça Cabeçadas, Researcher

Evelina Kleiner, Artist

Sara Bichão, Artist

Cristian Andersson, Artist

Beth Schacter, Writer

Leigh Bardugo, writer

Olivia Newman, Filmmaker

Bree Elrod, Actor

Jayaram N., Journalist

Wafaa Bilal, Artist

Annaleigh Ashford, Artist

Robin Koshy, Consultant

Karyn Kusama, Filmmaker

Ingrid von Sydow, Artist

Lisa Harres, Artist

Annabella Sciorra, Actress

Helena Petersen, Artist

Léonie Guyer, artist

Adidal Abou-Chamat, visual artist

Rose Stach, Artist

Rasha Ragab, Artist

Chiara Avesani, journalist

Susanne Pomrehn, artist

Dagmar von Renner, Artist Manager

Ivo von Renner, Photographer

Astrid Schmetterling, Writer / Lecturer

Manca Bajec, lecturer/artist

Diana Georgiou, writer and curator

Ashish Lnu, Artist

Sabine Schürhoff-Dobler,

Michael linzmaier, teacher retired

Franz Schneider, gallerist & curator

Spunk Christian Seipel, Curator

Klaus Lermer, Artist

Florian Matzner, art historian and curator

Judith Egger, artist

Nicole Wolf, Senior Lecturer

Wim hooghwinkel, visual artist

Renate haimerl brosch, artist

Christian Rampl, Architekt

Irit Rogoff, Academic, London University

Diane Pieri, Artist

Lea Fabrikant, Interdisciplinery artist

Somak Biswas, Historian

Lisa O’Neill, Writer/Teacher

Stefan Leins, Artist

Ursula Oberhauser, Artist, Art therapist

Gudrun Michel, Künstlerin

Julien Binet, Artist

Sybille Regotta, Potter

Ivana Bosnjak, filmmaker

Markus Hilbich, Fotograf

Ulrike Schuldes, Pharmacist

Hans Lohmüller, teacher

Jean-Paul Martinon, Writer

The Art Lounge NZ Mira, Artist, Curator, Gallerist

Mira Corbova, Curator, Gallerist & Artist

Anne Pincus, artist

Mona Hadler, writer and professor

Emel Mathlouthi, Artist

Timo Herbst, Visual artist

Sonja hohenbild, cultural worker,

Matthew Fuller, Professor

Jennifer Ball, Professor

Ellen Tremper, Professor, English literature

Birgitta Burling, artist

Maria Sá, art history

Jessica Faiss, Artist

Anna KINBOM, Artist

Åsa Lockner, Jewellery Artist

Katie Williams, Student/Lecturer

Jannike Brantås, Artist

Agnes Fries, Designer

Madeleine Aleman, Visual Artist

Erika Kielsgard, Lecturer, Writer

Beth Cooper, Lecturer

Elaine Brooks, Teacher

António Melo, periodist

Chris Perks, Retired lecturer

Louise Kvarby, Choreographer

Fabienne Doiron, Lecturer

Susan sullivan, student

Agnes Török, Writer

Alfre Woodard, Actor/Producer

Hannah Mari, Academic

Ekaterina Sisfontes, Artis

Tanya Pollard, Professor

Tarik Barri, Artist

Gabriella Lohmüller, Teacher

Heide Schlüpmann, cinemaphilosopher

W. Helena Hildur, painter

Anne Percy, Solidaritet human

Julia Adzuki, artist

Charlotta Rosengren, Artist

Eva Arnqvist, artist

Catharina Gotby, Artist

Sarah Tawiah, Art curator

Helena Åberg, Curator

Jogras Meldon, Writer

Loredana Stein, Writer

Ana Acosta,

Jogras Meldon, Writer

Johan Lindh, Illustrator

Elise Barclay, Curator

Archie Rand, artist

Kiki Stickl, Artist

Michael Chabon, Writer

Tomoko Nakajima, PhD, Researcher

Azumi Okabe, Communicator/Curator

Goran Vančina,

Rachael Guynn Wilson, writer, editor, professor

Brian Mulvey,

Gabriel Ramos-Fernandez, Professor, biologist

Johanna Gustafsson Fürst, Artist

Rachel Levitsky, Professor

Malva Molund, Art worker

Bianca Maria Barmen, Artist

Sara Appelgren, Artist

Ari Allansson, filmmaker

Christian Pauli, Head of Communication Academy of Arts Bern

Thomas Meyer, Professor

Muriel Roiné, writer

Christopher Bolte, Dramaturge

Thomas Carlsson, artist

Natalie Sutinen, Artist

Myrica bergqvist,

René Hà, Student

Matilda Dominique, Artist

Joachim Carlsson, Artist

Michael Börgerding, Artistic Director Theater Bremen

Sofia Törnblad, artist

Jill Strasmann, Company Manager Ballett Kiel

Erika Emerén, Artist

Laura Tesman, Artist & Professor

Annelies Huber, social worker

Ruth Seehaber, Dramaturge

Christoph Müller-Hofstede, Lecturer

Peter Wallström, Artist

Hanna Wildow, Artist

Philippe Bischof, Director Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

Michael Witte, Actor

Patricia Cronin, Artist and Professor of Art, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Maureen McDole, Poet

Wolfram schütte, essayist

Thomas Arslan, Filmmaker

Sillanpää Marja-leena, Artist

Fredrik Norén, Artist

Elisa Kim,

Alma Har’el, Writer, Director

Jaspal chatha, professor

Anja Oksalampi, universitaire (Genève)

Katharina grosse, artist

Lisa Nyberg, Artist

Karin Hansson, Researcher

Jin Hwa Anna Borstam, curator

EvaMarie Lindahl, Artist

Katarina Elvén, Artist, lecturer

Imri Sandström, Artist

Ida Idaida, Artist

Emma Zetterström, Artist

My Lindh, Artist